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Surveillance Systems - Commercial

There are many factors to consider when selecting a surveillance system, including the number of cameras that your company needs; the adequate size of a DVR/NVR; time of storage retention; whether you require “smart” features or need “mobile access”.


Tactical Protection will provide the guidance you need to answer these important questions as we build a system that is best suited for your company’s needs.

We will help you decide on the type and size of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR) you will need, dependent on the type of cameras that are utilized, the number of channels that are needed and the storage needs.


We will guide you in determining your video storage needs and the optimal number of HDD’s to meet your needs.

4 Channel

(Up to 6TB Storage)

8 Channel

(Up to 6TB Storage)

16 Channel

(Up to 12TB Storage)

16 Channel A.I.

(Up to 12TB Storage)

32 Channel

(Up to 80TB Storage)

64 Channel

(Up to 80TB Storage)

Decide on your video storage needs which will determine how many HDD’s are needed to accomplish your goal. Depending on the size of the DVR/NVR you can have 1 to 8 HDD’s installed with each drive having a storage capacity of 2 TB to 10 TB.