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Security Systems - Residential

There are other companies that offer reliable monitoring and security systems, but there are significant things that set Tactical Protection apart from the competition.


The first is transparency. There are never any hidden fees with our pricing. Several major competitors advertise prices for a basic system and list the system’s greatest capabilities, but do not disclose the costs of the additional features. This always ends up costing the customer much more than the advertised costs.


The other factors that set us apart are the customer service that we provide and the equipment that we utilize. We are an authorized dealer, and proudly offer these amazing and reliable systems to all of our clients.

Professional Monitored Security

Keep your property safe with 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response. systems are monitored by licensed central monitoring stations across the country, so you can count on help whenever you need it.

Intelligent Safeguards technology learns your home’s unique activity patterns and quickly alerts you of unusual events like the garage door being open late at night or a door getting opened at an odd time.

Unique User Codes

Easily create and disable user codes. Each user is provided a unique code so you can see who and when your system was armed or disarmed.

Dedicated Connection uses a tamper resistant cellular connection, dedicated solely to your security system. This signaling technology is reliable, and works even if your phone line, cable, broadband and power are down.

Smarter Home Security Compatible Devices

Panel 1
Panel 2
Panel 3
Panel 4


Sensor 1
Sensor 2
Sensor 3
Sensor 4
Sensor 5
Sensor 6


Lighting 1
Lighting 2
Lighting 3
Lighting 4
Lighting 5
Lighting 6
Lighting 7
Lighting 8

Lighting & Appliance Control

Thermostat 1
Thermostat 2
Thermostat 3
Thermostat 4

Smart Thermostats

Locks 1
Locks 2
Locks 3
Locks 4
Locks 5

Smart Door Locks

Garage 1
Garage 2
Garage 3
Garage 4

Garage Door Hub & Repeater

Wellness 1
Wellness 2
Wellness 3
Wellness 4
Wellness 5
Wellness 6


Camera 1
Camera 2
Camera 3
Camera 4
Camera 5
Camera 6
Camera 7
Camera 8
Camera 9

Cameras & Video